Our core values drive our commitment to quality and safety at Quality Blow Moulders

Our Beginnings

Quality Blow Moulders commenced operations in 1995. The philosophy was then, as it is today, to supply good quality product at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality of service.

Key Milestones

QBM has expanded its operations with additional machinery and warehousing, providing strong support for Australian businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
QBM worked closely with clients to develop new packaging designs for existing markets, also promoting environmental awareness through new rPET and rHDPE plastic packaging.

Decoration division expansion in semi-automatic self-adhesive label application as well as automatic sleeve application.

Australian Packaging design awards, with outstanding achievement awards won in categories in sustainability, innovation & accessibility.

Expansion into new market segment, Milk & Beverage and offering a new range of HDPE & PET bottles suitable for Milk, Juice & Cold Press.

QBM successfully implements a transport division to service Melbourne Metropolitan customers with their packaging requirements.

Additional expansion into HDPE and PET production with new machinery added to accommodate for increased demand in servicing customers Australia wide.

QBM successfully gains HACCP accreditation.

Warehouse facility up and running.

With the business more than doubling in size, QBM began construction of warehouse facilities next door to its current location.

Outgrowing the modest facilities, QBM moved into a brand new facility off Hammond Rd specifically designed to fulfill their growing customer base.

QBM took delivery of it 8th machine and began its journey into the world of PET.

QBM’s director, George Psaras commenced operations in modest facilities in the South of Dandenong with only 3 machines and 1 major customer.

Current Position


Currently QBM have Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines capable of producing products from 15ml to 15L. We can also accommodate bottles that require view lines, bent necks for toilet cleaners or other customised applications. We also have PET Blow Moulding Machines, with an assortment of neck and preform sizes to meet your packaging requirements.


The diversity of equipment allows QBM to mould in a large array of materials including HDPE, PET, PVC , LDPE, PP, PS, PLA, PC as well as Post Consumer Resin (PCR). We can also accommodate custom colours.


QBM have a high level of flexibility between equipment, plant operation and market understanding.

Market Segments

Household, Personal, Cosmetic, Chemical, Garden, Medical, Food & Beverage.

Our Future Vision

QBM is always proactively seeking to expand and supply to current and emerging markets. Recently QBM has been focusing on the following areas areas:

1. New market segments – Food, Pharmaceutical, and Medical.

2. High Volume custom moulding for medium to large organisations.

QBM is and will remain to be a family orientated business where the people you speak to are the key decision makers within the business. Whilst we are still a family business we recognise the changing and emerging environment with the requirement of larger organisations to have certain standards and procedures in place.

QBM know that when building a brand or concept product you need to operate on a smaller scale. We still value smaller volumes, so whilst you are expanding further into high volume production QBM will maintain flexibility ensuring that customers requiring small runs are not adversely effected. If we cannot help you directly, we will do our best to point you in a direction to someone who can.