Stock Bottle Range for Plastic Bottles & Containers

HDPE bottles
HDPE Bottles
Square and Handle Bottles
Milk & Drink Bottles
Trigger Bottles
Trigger Bottles
PET bottles
PET Bottles
Yoghurt jars
Yoghurt Jars
Pvc plastic bottles
PVC Bottles
Jerry Cans
Jerry Cans

Quality Blow Moulders offer a large range of HDPE , PVC , PET and Milk & Juice bottles and containers. We have various shapes and sizes for your convenience including handle bottles, Boston bottles, oval/ flat bottles , round bottles & jars from 15ml up to 15 litres . If we don’t have a stock bottle that fits your requirements we can offer full design & development service for customers who would like a custom mould built.

We also offer warehousing and logistics for our customers and tool design and development when necessary.